Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Seaton Park
Primary School

Seaton Park Primary School is a place of learning for all. Every day, we learn together in meaningful ways as we explore and discover our place in the world. Our school is a R – 7 school with approximately 100 students, including a special class catering for junior primary children with a disability. We are a small community school, which enables us to provide small class sizes and more intensive classroom support. We provide a positive, safe and rigorous learning environment.

 We respect the strengths and uniqueness of each child and family and see this diversity as a proud part of everyday life in our school. We are committed to supporting each child’s learning growth through a meaningful learning program that is built upon strong and positive relationships.  We provide a friendly, caring environment that offers quality education where children develop skills to prepare them for the 21st Century.

Our leadership team, including the Principal and Deputy Principal, work collaboratively to support staff, students and families. We have a strong focus on English, Maths and technology, ensuring that all children have 1:1 access to a device. We are committed to preparing children for the future by inspiring confidence and innovation and developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

All children and families contribute to our learning community and we welcome you to visit and connect with us. We invite you to look through our website and watch our school tour video to get a feel of our wonderful school. Feel free to make an enquiry today and book a tour with me.

We hope to see you soon!

Amy Johnston


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