Integrating technology to
transform teaching and learning

At Seaton Park Primary School, we recognise and believe in the importance of integrating technology to transform teaching and learning, improving the learning outcomes for all students.

Integrating technology is important to help prepare students for living and working in a globally connected world, where they need to be confident, critical and creative users of technology.


Technology is used in all learning areas, to personalise learning, to support students to be active learners, and to support students to communicate, collaborate and create in ways impossible without the use of technology.

Technology use is driven by innovative pedagogies associated with quality teaching and learning.


We have invested in technology, enabling every student to have access to a device. Every junior primary student has access to an iPad and every primary student has access to either a Chromebook or laptop to support them with their learning. Students also have access to 3D printers, green screens, robotic devices and drones. Teachers participate regularly in professional development to increase their skills in using technology to support teaching and learning.